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Welcome! Massage therapy for pain relief and relaxation

Improve your quality of life...and melt your stress away. Therapeutic massage relieves muscle tension and pain associated with stress, sports injury and common medical conditions including carpal tunnel, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, scoliosis, bursitis and fibromyalgia; as well as back, knee, shoulder, hip and joint pain.

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A pain management plan will be designed for you incorporating deep tissue massage, trigger point massage, neuromuscular and full body Swedish massage techniques to help reach your bodywork goals. Eliminate needless surgery and discomfort to restore total body function.


Massage by a licensed massage therapist is proven to:
  • relieve pain, muscle tension and stress
  • promote healing
  • reduce high blood pressure
  • improve sleep
  • reduce headaches, depression and anxiety
  • release toxins, increase blood flow and white blood cells improving overall health and immunity

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